A History of Serial Killing!

To start with the scracth, serial killer is a rather uncommon word for the common Pakistani. When we talk about the worst terrorist, well, when THEY talk about the worst terrorist in history, they say his name was Osama Bin Laden. Perhaps he was. However, on surfing the internet for a private project, I think I found out worst cases of terrorism, in which the unambigous point is that the terrorist was NOT  from Al-Qaida, as we all know, that the Al-Qaida and Taalibaan are known to be the worst people on this sphere.

They say that the worst serial killer is known as THE MONSTER OF THE ANDES; Pedro Alonso Lopez, who killed about 300 women in a very short period. They were not even  women, but mere girls, become victim to the monster. There was another one, a lady, aye, a noble lady, who murdered about more than 600 young and beautiful girls of a superstition, although she knew that what she was upto was wrong. Elizabeth Barthory was her name, also known as the BLOOD COUNTESS, or the first ever vampire. The story goes that she was jealous of the virgin beauty of the slaves around her, and started murdering them, deluded that on bathing in their blood she would become forever young and forever beautiful. Beneath her castle was a dungeon where, God knows better how many young and innocent virgins tasted their hoorendous death, for it was none less than a torture chamber. Whilst getting her hair combed one day, a slave girl accidently pulled too hard at the lock, and this enangered Elizabeth, who back-slapped the girl, bruising her with a sharp ring she wore. The skin of the girl thus torn, blood fell on Elizabeth’s hand, who imagined a kind of orgasm. She ordered for a man-servant to slit the girl’s throat, and filled a bath tub with the virgin blood, in which she bathed. She had a regular supply of girls in her dungeon, where the girls were tortured by most inhuman ways, till they went half mad, and then they were mercilessly decapitated, or mutilated, and in their blood didst this horrendous woman find leisure. Elizabeth once bit a gril, and, liking the taste of the blood, and the pain which she inflicted, she made it a habit of hers to bite. Often she would bite right in the throat where it was slit, and suck the blood  straight away.

 Along these comes the world-famous name of Ted Bundy, the killer from Seattle, who was as bloody as a blood-thirsty hyena. Jack the Ripper fills the list, too, for without this monstruos man the list would look improper. He held a certain aversion to the prostitutes around, and his vengeance was to rip their bodies from neck to thigh, and disembowel them, and take out their ovaries. It is now being said that Jack the ripper was not a Jack, but a Jill, for people now declare that this mysterious Jack the Ripper was a waman, who was sterile, and she took out vengeance on those who were not. I feel that one of the most horrendous names is of Richard Chase, the vampire being his pet-name. Richard was a bit retarded from his very childhood, and he was deluded into believing that one of his heart’s valves was shut. When he was alone, he practiced dissection on animals, and was very, very indeed, cruel to those dumb folk. He was sent to college, where his room mates discovered that he would kill dogs and rabbits in horrendous ways, and then mix the animals’ organs in a blender with coke, and drink this nauseating mixture, for he believed that this would help him get well. He used to stand oranges on his head, and fancied that the Vitamin C diffused through his skin to his brain. Moreover, he was known to eat the brains of animals, that, too, RAW. He was thrown away from college, and thence he started practicing his horrible experiments on humans. He has killed a few people, comparitively speaking, but the ways in which they were killed makes him almost as terrible.

The MILWAUKEE CANNIBAL, Jeffrey Dahmer, now fills this list of monsters. He was homosexual, and the gruesome ways in which he committed muredes of young boys are awful to even thnik of. He not only butchered these youths, but also indulged in necrophilia, and practiced canniballism after that. When he was caught, a man was found in his bedroom, dissected, and all the important organ unavailable. It was as clean as a butcher’s work. I saw the photo my self, and, besides nausea, I felt that it was almost the picture of a dissected and skinned cow seen on Baqra-Eids, only, this skinned creature was no animal.

Dennis reder, also known for his BTK strategy, is no less than the ones already mentioned. BTK: Bind, Torture, Kill. He used to bind his victims with greatly disturbing wires, or ropes, and then tortore them for a day, after which they were brutally sent to the grave. Another one, and a most horrendous one, is the CANDY MAN, or the PIED PIPER OF HOUSTON, who played the lead role in the HOUSTON MASS MUREDRS: Dean Corll. His accomplices were David Brookes and Elmer Wayne Henley. Of Brookes how he came to befriend, I know not, but Henley he lured to his chamber through Brookes, both about seventeen years of age then, and Henley had to support his divorced mother. Having Henley thus deluded, Corll made him lure young boys from the age span of 13 to 18 to him, whom he used to bind up, then physically assault, and then a long, slow procedure of torture would follow. Afetr that, if the boy hadn’t died, he was murdered without much ado. Henley soon found out about this, and did try to convince Corll to not practice his unearthly ways, but Corll would not listen. This went on for some time, and ended one day when the steps of a female foot entered that dreadful Corll Slaughter House. Henley had brought a boy for Corll, but also brought a girl, named Rhonda Williams, at which Corll got unnecessarily angry. He threatened to kill Henley, at which Henley plead for his life, and Corll agreed to it, only if Henley agreed to do the same to the girl he was going to do with the boy. Henley agreed at first, but couldn’t do the terrible task, and; enangered, he shot Corll about half a dozen times, killing him, and saying, “You’ve gone too far, Dean!”

The name of Ronald Defoe percahnce you have heard. If not this name, then the name of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR HOUSE might raise some light of recogonition in your brain. Not talking about the movie, or the book, both named, “The Amityville Horror,” I am actually talking of what happened in that house which led to the ghost stories, and perhaps they are true? Ronald killed his whole familly, mother, father, brothers, and everyone else, for an unknown reason, and is to this day remembered a serial killer.

One of the names I fear much is of Ed Gein, the man who actually made masks from the skins of his victims. He, too, was homosexual, and became somewhat obessed with studying the female anatomy, and in no time he was actually making is maid to transform into a female. Whether he was out of his minds, I know not, but I do know that he was no less than a monster, who, after killing his victims, had them hanging on a hook butchers do with their meat, and skin them, and then he would disembowel the bodies. The whole skin he kept, and reports tell that he not only made masks, but also other parts of the female body which he tried to glue on himself. Moreover, the organs he removed he would eat, and of the victim’s skull he would make bowls to eat the meal in. This was one great psycho.

“Doctor” H H Holmes, was another one of these psychos, who had been (according to reports) rusticated from a medical college. To continue his career, he actually built a great castle with traps and mazes, and he is also known as the MASTER OF ILLUSION. The vicitms thus trapped, were killed by suffocation, or by action of some grave chemical. Then in his dungeon he used to practice gruesome experiments on these bodies. He killed God knows how many people in this way, but he sure killed a great many. Henry Howard Holmes: one cracked American there.

I don’t have time to tell tales of all these monsters that I know, but to fill up the ending of the lists will be Anthony John Hardy, who lured women, no, not women, prostitutes inside his apartment at the name of cocaine, just as Henley and Brookes did with the name of marijuana. The women went through brutal atrocities, physical assaults, torture, decapitation, necrophilia, and gradually the victim’s meat would rest inside his tummy. Now a bit about the “weaker” gender. The one name among the great many, after, of course, Elizabeth Barthory, I have found of a certain Belle Gunness, who took husbads as one would take an outing, and after having hold on the man’s property, money and things, would murder him, and take another husband. Her eldest daughter, when found about this, was sent to the cold grvae by the own hands of Madame Gunness, lest the girl should speak of it to anyone. one day, however, Gunness’s house burnt down unknowingly, it is said that the body found inside her house wasn’t hers at all. Her two other daughters also died in the incident. To this day people believe that Gunness ran away, and set her house on fire, and thus disappeared, for the body found inside the burnt house, although was the ame size as that of Gunness, had no head. Also, the reader will be shocked, that the youngest serial killer known isMary Flora Bell, who was just ten years of age when she committed her first two murders, of children two and four years of age. It is said that today Mary is a Grand-mother, and is living under another identity.

But, even afetr all of these monsters make me scared to death, that is naught to the fear I get from just the name Vlad Tepes, VLAD THE IMPALER, the most horrendous, merciless, brutal killer of the world, and who I think is the second name of terror. Thank God he is no more. He was agreat ruler and all, but his favourite way of execution was IMPALEMENT, that, too, on a stake, whcih would be inserted through the buttocks, and forced through the body till it came out from the mouth. This kind of death is a most uncanny one, being slow and tortorous, and the executioned were left in deserts for days in this manner on a stake, till they died a most horrible and unbearable death, and their bodies were left to rot on the stakes. One eport tells the execution of a dishonest wife, whose infant baby was impaled through her chest. Not only impalent, but Vlad practiced more and more ingenious methods of execution upon the citizens, believing that might is right. Burning alive, decapitatind, skinning, mutilation of genitals and several more came after impalement on his list. His numbers range from 10,000 to 40,000.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has seen two cases of Serail Killing yet. Even two is no less, but if compared to the above, it is but naught. The first one, is a very famous for my elderly readers, but the new generation is somewhat unaware of it. The reader will remember, perhaps, a group known as THE HATHORA MAAR GROUP, or, THE HAMMER GROUP, some years ago, which terrified the citizens of Pakistan to a great extent. I’ve heard my mother tell about the group, and it was precisely interesting, the group which devoured on the pavement-dwellers, or hut-dwellers. However, many believe it was NOT a Pakistani group, but a conspiracy of our enemies, for the group had naught to do with wealth or otherwise, and only killed for the love of killing. . . The other one, is Javed Iqbal, a Lahori, who claimed to kill some 100 children. Evidence was found, how he kept the meat of the mutilated kids in vats of acids, the bloody walls, the clothes of the children, all prove his guilt. Moreover, he accpeted his crime himself, and literally challenged the Police to capture him, after which the Police and other agencies of Pakistan were on a wild goose chase. I also liked this case, most importantly the punishment announced to him by the judge, which I think is fit for a man who did dare to do a crime so gruesome. Sadly, before he could be seen strangling in his own chains, or his meat could be seen in vats of acids, he committed suicide. Ohterwise it might have set a good exmple for other criminal-minds.

A distinguishing fact should be observed, in our country, a gruesome punishment was ordered for a crime which was a hundred times more gruesome. But in those countries whcih declare themselves as just, honest, developed, in those countries, only few were executioned. Why so? Doctor Afiya is imprisoned for some 80 years, what about these monsters? Just a normal punishment for these noblemen, and then release? Elizabeth Barthory wasn’t even charged, for she was a noblelady. Also, the wise reader would observe, that after reading an extremely brief account of these foriegn monsters, perhaps the Al-Qaida and Osama will look like chickens. I’m no supporter of either of these, but a fact is a fact. Those who accuse Pakistan and Islam for terrorism, shouldn’t they atleast mind giving one tiny peep into themselves? 



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